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Foreigners in China who write in English

» Kashgar Sunday Bazaar | Photos & Video
26/06/19 13:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
For centuries, the Kashgar Sunday Bazaar in western Xinjiang has been a meeting place for locals, merchants and travelers along the Silk Road. It’s a great place for travelers to wander, purc...

» New Book: Blogging China in the 21st Century
24/06/19 14:21 from The Useless Tree
I've made a book out of parts of this blog. With material stretching back to 2005, I concentrated on various questions surrounding the reinvention of "tradition" in the PRC today, creating a volume...

» Talking About Summer in Chinese
20/06/19 14:00 from Chinese Blog
Tomorrow is the first day of summer (夏天 – xià tiān). Many students are getting ready to go on summer vacation (暑假 – shǔ jià), so lots of families plan to take a vacation (假期 – jià qī) in the coming...

» Talking about Smoking in Chinese
17/06/19 11:00 from Chinese Blog
Smoking (吸煙 xī yān) is a bad habit (壞習慣 huài xí guàn). Cigarettes appear to have originated in Mexico and Central America around the 9th century in the form of reeds and smoking tubes. In the 19th ...

» The Poems of Qu Yuan
05/06/19 18:24 from Chinese Blog
This Friday is the Dragon Boat Festival (端午節 – duān wǔ jié), a traditional holiday that’s celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. While many know this Chinese festival for its...

» About the Dragon Boat Festival Customs
03/06/19 11:00 from Chinese Blog
The Dragon Boat Festival is known in Chinese as?端午節 (Duān wǔ jié). It is celebrated every year on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, which falls on June 7 in 2019. ? ? ?端午節,這個重大節日舉國同慶。 ???????????...

» The BEST VPN for China: Our Top 5 Choices (June 2019)
01/06/19 14:10 from chinaSMACK
After months of extensive testing here in China, we’ve updated our Best China VPN guide to help you unblock the web and access Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others. [...

» Best VPN for China 2019 (that still works despite the ban)
01/06/19 13:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Update June 2019:?As you may know, China spent a good portion of last year cracking down on VPN usage throughout the country and even threatened to ban all non-state sanctioned VPNs. Obviously, tha...

» The Gaokao – The Most Important Exam in Chinese College Admissions
20/05/19 11:00 from Chinese Blog
Next month, millions of high school seniors will take the most important exam (考試?kǎo shì) of their lives – the Chinese National Higher Education Entrance Examination. Shortly known as the 高考 (gāok...

» 7 Must-Know Questions for Eating Out in China
16/05/19 20:00 from Chinese Blog
If you’re at a beginner level of Chinese, one of the most intimidating experiences is going out to a local restaurant. You show up to a crowded, noisy place and glance at the menu on the wall...

» Eastern Chinese Cuisine
08/05/19 14:00 from Chinese Blog
We’ve been all over China in the last few months, sampling some of the many delicious flavors that are unique to Chinese cuisine. From the imperial bird that is Beijing roast duck, (北京烤鴨 – bě...

» How has Digital Changed Business Environment in China?
25/04/19 08:00 from ChinaHush
China ranks third among the largest digital and technology investments and is also the largest e-commerce market in the world with nearly 40% of total e-commerce transactions worldwide. China is ho...

» Somewhat Less than Normal: Notes on actually coming home
16/04/19 19:53 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
After 25 or so years of living in vast, sprawling cities, far, far away- as far away as my impulses to dive into the unknown and unexpected could take me-- I have landed with a thud...

» Yili (Ili) Xinjiang | Top 5 Places to Visit
10/04/19 13:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Whether you call it “Yili“, “Ili“, “Yining” or even the historical name “Ghulja“, one thing is for sure: it’s definitely worth traveling to thi...

» An Old Hotelier Remembers 1980s Tibet
08/04/19 07:22 from ChinaHush
Alec Le Sueur had never been to China before when he agreed to work at the Holiday Inn Lhasa as the sales and marketing manager, but he had been fascinated by Tibet after reading books about it by ...

» Turpan’s Jiaohe Ancient City 交河故城 | Traveler’s Guide
03/04/19 13:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
The ancient city of Jiaohe, which lies about ten kilometers west of the small town of Turpan, is one of the most visually spectacular ruins of the old Silk Road. More than 1,500 years of ...

» Urumqi Airport Traveler’s Guide 2019 (Xinjiang)
01/04/19 13:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
For most travelers, flying into Urumqi Diwopu International Airport marks their first step into the Xinjiang province. Here I answer the top 4 questions about flying to/from Urumqi, Xinjiang. The p...

» Best China Visa Service for US Travelers
27/03/19 13:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Applying for a visa to China can be a frustratingly complicated ordeal. My passport currently has over 20 different China visas in it so trust me…I understand! If you’re a U.S. citizen ...

» Urumqi Train Travel 2019 Guide 烏魯木齊站
25/03/19 13:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
A guide to taking a train in Urumqi and what to expect when you're traveling in Xinjiang The post Urumqi Train Travel 2019 Guide 烏魯木齊站 appeared first on Xinjiang: Far West China .

» Podcast #30: Motorcycling in Chengdu and Across China with Carl
22/03/19 08:20 from Chengdu Living
This episode of the podcast, the first in a Haus Guests series with Berlin Haus, is all about motorcycling around Chengdu and across China. The post Podcast #30: Motorcycling in Chengdu and Across ...

» Why I Still Love China, Even if It Hates Me
21/03/19 09:20 from Chengdu Living
There's a lot to dislike about China, but so much more to love. The post Why I Still Love China, Even if It Hates Me appeared first on Chengdu Living .

» Top 10 Uyghur Foods to Eat in Xinjiang
20/03/19 13:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Anybody who plans to travel to Xinjiang knows that Uyghur food and other local cuisine is going to be a memorable part of their journey. The local Uyghur food is well-known throughout China and pra...

» Just Like Starting Over (Again): Canada!
07/03/19 20:33 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
This is Nanaimo in the snow. This is one of the many bear-frequented trails that run above and below and alongside our little temporary Yew (tux wa’culhp) cottage on the […]

» Podcast #29: Mastering Mandarin with Luke of Mandarin Blueprint
05/03/19 07:53 from Chengdu Living
We're back again with another episode, cracking away at one of the most enduring challenges of life in China: mastery of the Chinese language. The post Podcast #29: Mastering Mandarin with Luke of ...

» How I Use Gmail in China (despite it being blocked)
14/02/19 14:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
How do I use Gmail in China in 2019? If you’re like me, you use Gmail or the Google Apps suite for business or for personal email. I love everything about using Gmail except for one thing: al...

» Do I Need a Special Visa or Permit for Xinjiang?
11/02/19 14:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Is there a special visa or permit required to travel to Xinjiang in 2019? This is a question that I get quite a few times throughout the travel season and it seems that there might be conflicting i...

» Chinese Poker: a beginner’s guide
06/12/18 04:52 from ChinaHush
Every single day millions of people all around the world settle down for a game of poker? -in casinos, in bars and, more and more today, online too. There are also a huge number of different types ...

» What are the Most Popular Card Games in Asia?
27/11/18 15:02 from ChinaHush
It’s often been said that the 21st century will belong to Asia. Sports wise we’ve already seen the football world cup hosted by South Korea and Japan in 2002, the Olympics in Beijing in 2008 and th...

» The Unbearable Lightness of Beijing: July 2018
27/07/18 08:13 from The Useless Tree
Most of the usual haunts haven’t changed...

» Some Pieces for The China Channel
05/07/18 15:00 from The Useless Tree
While this blog has been dark for a few months, I've been writing some stuff for The China Channel, a rather new endeavor sponsored by the LA Review of Books. I'm going to leave the links here, sin...

» Podcast #28: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Chengdu
17/05/18 04:58 from Chengdu Living
In this episode I'm joined by Jerry and Andrew of CDBJJ, a local Brazilian jiu-jitsu organization founded in 2011. The post Podcast #28: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Chengdu appeared first on Chengdu Liv...

» Comfort in Anxiety: Embracing Uncertainty with Artist Jordan Xiang
14/05/18 11:44 from Chengdu Living
Insight into how Chengdu artist Jordan Xiang embraces uncertainty, rejects denial, and finds beauty in the bathroom. The post Comfort in Anxiety: Embracing Uncertainty with Artist Jordan Xiang appe...

» Tell Me All About Your Bookshelves (Past and Present)
12/04/18 04:15 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
  Ten years ago, approximately, I left Istanbul, and along with a city that I loved/loathed, I also left behind a lot of books. By this, I want to absolutely […]

» Damn, That Shit’s Elusive: The Happiness Project Revisited (Plus Books! I have books!)
04/04/18 05:42 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
About a year ago, probably longer, I announced that I would be revisiting the 100 Happy Days challenge. You know the one- you post every day for 100 days something […]

» The Best Mandarin Chinese Learning Apps that Really Work!
13/03/18 16:21 from chinaSMACK
Learning Chinese has never been more convenient now that everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket. There are a number of Mandarin Chinese learning apps for iPhone and Android out on the market...